This website aims to provide accurate historical information about various aspects of the False Armistice – outside the USA, a little-known event of the last few days of the First World War.

As well as the articles on this website, shown above in the menu, visitors are recommended to look at the three articles listed below.  The first offers a concise overview of the topic.  The other two deal with a previously unreported aspect of it and complement the False Armistice in Britain article here.

  1. The False Armistice – 7 November 1918.  Posted on the Centenary News website, 16 May 2017.  Listed under Features.
  2. Reuters and the False Armistice of 7 November 1918 on The Baron Archives, 6 April 2017.                                                                                       
  3. The Press Censors and the Reuter Armistice Bulletin of 7 November 1918 on The Baron Archives, 10 July 2017.